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We provide our fit pros with one of the most effective and affordable avenues of reaching their dream clients. Clients that are looking for your skill set in specific and ones that you genuinely get along with.  When you find the clients that you specialize in helping and you enjoy being around them, retention rates go through the roof. Even after clients reach their goals, they will still stay with you because of the valuable connection they have with you and meaningful relationship they have built. 

Not only do we connect you with your dream clients, but we provide you with COMPLETE FREEDOM! Set your own schedule, set your own price and have access to our nationwide network of facilities to help you find a home to bring your clients. Our goal is to provide our fitness professionals with all of the resources they need to create thriving businesses, increase their income and change people’s lives!



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We built GEM to help trainers overcome pricelock and to allow them to set a price that they believe reflects their value. GEM Trainers are allowed to set any price for their sessions, and can change their prices whenever they would like.
Currently, fitness professionals are allowed to train wherever they have access. However, we are working on implementing a map function that shows our fit pros which facilities allow them to bring their clients to. This feature will be available soon and will allow professionals to have access to dozens of facilities in their area. Another huge bonus that our app provides is that GEM specialists will be able to train clients wherever the client desires as well, whether it is at home, the office gym or the hotel gym. Our system gives our professionals complete freedom to train where they would like!
It’s all up to you! GEM trainers can pick and choose their working hours by week and change it to fit their schedule. There are no minimum session requirements.
It’s simple! Sign up, create a profile and we will take lead on the marketing campaigns for you. Our members will find you through the utilization of our filters which will provide you with leads that are more qualified and ones that are serious about working with you.
GEM only facilitates initial connections and not transactions. Our trainers and gyms are encouraged to implement their own no-show policies with GEM clients.
We require that our fitness professionals conduct business with the highest form of integrity. We have a 0 tolerance policy for misconduct and any reports of incidents will be followed up with an automatic suspension or removal from our platform.
Yes, private trainers on our platform are required to carry preventative insurance. If you do not have this yet, we recommend using (fill in PT insurance company).
At the moment no. GEM is a platform for 1 on 1 fitness training, but this is something we are working on implementing for the future.


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Ishita Malhotra

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

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Kylo James

Fitness Instructor

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