Find The Perfect Trainer

Sort through our trainers using multiple filters, including specialties, gender, distance or price.

Rate & Review

See past experiences of other clients before making the financial commitment.

Milestone Tracker

Track your fitness journey while sharing your milestones with friends and family.

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Map Function

Pick the ideal facility that caters to your individual fitness goals.

Custom Profile

Create a custom Profile that will be utilized with our fitness assessment to aid in finding the best trainer possible.

Easy Pay

Pay for your training session through the app.

People Behind GEM

We are improving access to fitness for a better life. We are empowering you with a tool to help find the perfect specialists and facilities to help improve your quality of life through fitness!



Collegiate athlete with 5 years experience as a basketball trainer and aspiring gym owner.





Soccer player for over 10 years, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer.





What is the GEM app?

GEM is a mobile fitness application that allows its members to browse fitness specialists, find private and corporate gyms, and see which fitness events are happening in their area.

How does the GEM app work?

Members download the app and then create a profile. The profile will consist of your fitness experience, fitness goals and a short biography. Once your profile is complete, you will be matched with specialists who are the best fit. Members will also be able to browse through specialists in their area and send a training request; once the training request is accepted you will be able to meet and train!

What is the mission of the app?

GEM is on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing a database that will allow its members to find the fitness specialists and facilities that are perfect for them to help improve their quality of life through fitness. We want to make the world aware of the life changing knowledge that these specialists contain.

Who is the GEM app for?

GEM is for men and woman of any fitness level. The beauty of GEM is that as a member, you will be able to find a trainer just right for your specific needs.